We are advocates of Privacy and Security by Design & Default, as we aim to embed data privacy & protection and cyber security as part of standard business processes; ensuring that the value of data is recognized and protected throughout its life-cycle.


We pride ourselves on acting as a trusted adviser to our clients and being able to interpret cyber security and data protection & privacy legislation to ensure that it is practically implemented into our clients’ business operations.
Partner & Data Protection Lead


Partner & Administration Officer


Partner & Cyber Security Lead



We offer comprehensive services for all sizes of organizations to assess and advise on how they safeguard, manage, process and store the personal and sensitive data of customers and staff, in line with the organization’s legal and regulatory obligations.

Data Privacy & Protection Services

    Data Privacy & Protection Strategy
    Data Privacy & Protection Training
    Cookie and Privacy Policy
    Terms and Conditions
    Incident Response
    Subject Identity & Access Management
    Data Privacy Impact Audit/Assessment

Administrative Services

    Document management
    SAR management
    Confidential waste management
    Administrative best practice training
    Document Controller log
    GLOBAL LEGISLATION admin support 
    Review 3rd party suppliers
    Conduct data audits

Cyber Security Services

    Cyber Security Strategy 
    Security Awareness 
    Security Policy and Procedure
    Incident Response 
    Governance Charter 
    Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
    Management, users and it staff training
    Vendor Due Diligence

why us

The top 3 benefits of using our services.


It’s easy to find information about global data privacy legislations such as PIPA, LGPA, CCPA & GDPR and Cyber Security on the web and tons of courses are available at a range of costs. But not all information on the internet is accurate and practical and it can be confusing to try to figure out exactly which solution is a best fit for your organisation.

The TLC Group are experts with strong business operations backgrounds and are equipped with EU/UK and international experience and qualifications.


There are only a set number of hours per day to cover business functions, so who has time to focus on the intricate steps of data migration and management, Cyber Essentials, global and local data privacy & protection training across all department and staff groups, and updating Privacy, Terms and Conditions and Cookie policies?

Our team of professionals offer the full package of project management, administrative support and compliance expertise.

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The top reason most businesses haven’t taken action towards data privacy and cyber security compliance is that they are busy with day to day responsibilities or client work that may appear more important. With the hefty global penalties and public image at stake, global data privacy legislations such as PIPA, LGPA, CCPA & GDPR and Cyber Security cannot be ignored.

The TLC Group provides the perfect solution with a range of services and Data Protection & Cyber Security products and support immediately available.

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We take data privacy & protection seriously.
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