COVID-19 Services & Online Training Support for business continuity

The TLC Group recognises some businesses and self-employed persons may need assistance with organising their operations to respond to COVID-19 impacts.

We are now offering a special suite of trainings and services at a discounted price for organisations needing remote working support to protect their business and support their staff productivity and wellness

Call +1 441 536-1276 for general queries, email for training support and email for services support.

helping your business continue operating during these difficult times


  • Creating or updating business continuity, acceptable use and remote working policies 
  • Designing processes/procedures for safe remote working and access to business paper files 
  • Auditing and securing mobile phones and remote working devices 
  • Training employees to safely work remotely 
  • Reviewing third-party agreements for force majeure conditions
  • Creating or updating physical space privacy standards for home environments
  • Advising on the best tools and technologies for the collaboration and management of a remote workforce
  • Create and secure cloud/online databases
  • Providing administrative support for scanning documents to cloud/online systems
  • Reviewing cloud/online systems access controls


We are offering a series of half-hour webinars to help employers and employees work from home safely and productively.

All webinars are available at 12 - 12:30PM or 6 - 6:30PM (AST).

31 March or 30 April

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working at home - $49

1 April

Work from home comforts - FREE

2 or 28 April

How to stay focused while working at home - $49

7 or 23 April

Managing family commitments - $49

8 April

Working in confined spaces - FREE

9 April

COVID-19 Quick tips for Employers - $49

14 April or 7 May

Best practices for working from home - $49

15 April

Opportunities to retool & improve - FREE

16 April or 5 May

How to stay connected while working from home - $49

21 April

COVID-19 Quick tips for Employees - $49

22 April

Things to do with children during COVID-19 - FREE

29 April

Scents to focus on - FREE

6 May

How to avoid stress and burnout while working from home - FREE
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