COVID-19 Services & Online Training Support for business continuity

The TLC Group recognises some businesses and self-employed persons may need assistance with organising their operations to respond to COVID-19 impacts.

We are now offering a special suite of trainings and services at a discounted price for organisations needing remote working support to protect their business and support their staff productivity and wellness

Call +1 441 536-1276 for general queries, email for training support and email for services support.

helping your business continue operating during these difficult times


  • Creating or updating business continuity, acceptable use and remote working policies 
  • Designing processes/procedures for safe remote working and access to business paper files 
  • Auditing and securing mobile phones and remote working devices 
  • Training employees to safely work remotely 
  • Reviewing third-party agreements for force majeure conditions
  • Creating or updating physical space privacy standards for home environments
  • Advising on the best tools and technologies for the collaboration and management of a remote workforce
  • Create and secure cloud/online databases
  • Providing administrative support for scanning documents to cloud/online systems
  • Reviewing cloud/online systems access controls


We are offering a series of half-hour webinars to help employers and employees work from home safely and productively.

All webinars are available at 12 - 12:30PM or 6 - 6:30PM (AST).

21 April

COVID-19 Quick tips for Employees - $49

As the pandemic continues to affect the world, increasing the possibility that each of us may face the affects of flu eventually, employees are becoming concerned about topics like their privacy rights and how long they will have to endure remote working. For ½ hour, let’s chat about some of the top concerns and how to approach challenges with confidence based on our rights as employees during COVID-19.

22 April

Things to do with children during COVID-19 - FREE

Running out of ideas to entertain the Littles? Join us for cool ways to keep all ages to self-entertain while you work or engage them with quality time during what may be long periods of COVID-19 quarantine.

23 April

Managing family commitments - $49

We love our family but sometimes combining family and work is a real challenge. Let’s talk about strategies to stay on top of things at home during COVID-19.

28 April

How to stay focused while working at home - $49

Mixing home and work can be rewarding but only when we create the right environment to focus on tasks to meet our goals for work and home. Join us for helpful ways to focus while balancing work and home life. 

29 April

Scents to focus on - FREE

Explore the benefits and energy powers of specific scents in your living environment that aid with creativity, focus, motivation, and productivity.

30 April

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working at home - $49

You can’t give your best when your body and mind are craving attention, right? Join us for a discussion about health tips to easily fit into your busy remote working schedule

5 May

How to stay connected while working from home - $49

Staying in touch with managers and colleagues can be challenging while working from home, and we can feel disconnected and even isolated during long periods of remote working.The TLC Group will share some great ways to stay connected.

6 May

Opportunities to retool & improve - FREE

COVID-19 is a perfect time to reconnect with our personal and professional goals, especially if you’ve been considering retooling for new opportunities or upgrading existing skill sets. Let’s take a ½ hour from our day to chat about ways to make good use of this difficult time by focusing on your career growth.

7 May

Best practices for working from home - $49

This webinar focuses on remote working strategies that have been proven to work by successful virtual workers and business entrepreneurs.
If you are interested in any of the webinars listed above or below, email

We provide corporate and customized programs to provide your remote working employees with the tools they need to work safely and securely from home.

Work from home comforts

Join us for an enjoyable 1/2 hr chat about tips to tailor your remote working area so it is comfortable enough to work in during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Working in confined spaces 

Remote working for some, means the need to creatively design a work hub in an already congested space. We will propose clever techniques for comfort, privacy and to increase productivity while working in small spaces.

COVID-19 Quick tips for Employers, Managers & Leaders

Making sounds decisions during a global pandemic is difficult for most business owners, leaders and management. It may be hard to know if we are leading fairly and legally at times. Let’s meet for ½ hour to highlight a few issues employees have while working from home that many employers may not have considered, and suggestions on how to respond with privacy and security principles as a central focus.

How to avoid (or cope with) stress and burnout while working from home

Let’s think outside the box to discover ways to stay positive and design “me” time strategies in a busy household during COVID-19.

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