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preparedness is the key

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, but data privacy and security professionals who stay current with the latest knowledge & resources contribute to their organization's overall resilience posture.

However, that takes time...time which you don't have! We get it.

That's why our CyberAware Library has been curated with a range of resources, including templates, guides, checklists, and best practice articles that can be implemented with ease to enhance data protection and cybersecurity practices.

who is this for?

Data privacy and security professionals, compliance officers, IT managers, and anyone responsible for protecting sensitive data within their organization.

It's also invaluable for business owners and executives who recognize the critical importance of data protection in an interconnected world.

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The TLC Group strives to create, promote, influence and embrace a culture of lifelong learners through our engaging, self-study courses and corporate training solutions.

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'Empowering individuals and organisations to identify pain points, develop sustainable creative solutions and foster an environment of ongoing monitoring, development & innovation'

We take data privacy & protection seriously.

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