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It’s that special time of the year again, and what’s truly better than a delicious Thanksgiving meal? A Black Friday Sale of course!

Whether you’re in Management, HR, Data Privacy, Cybersecurity, or a future-thinking professional looking to expand on your professional development, these self study courses are tailored for you and your schedule.

You can work at your own pace and on your own time! And, of course the best part is that you’ll receive a certificate from an accredited organisation and Professional Development credits to grow your

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The TLC Group Self-Study Course Catalogue

It’s here! The TLC Group’s Self-Study course listing, and it includes the Certified Privacy Lead for Charities at $499 USD and the Certified Privacy Lead for Companies for only $699 USD! Plus, become a Certified Privacy Officer course for Bermuda’s PIPA or Caribbean privacy with the new self-study Foundation & Practitioner course for only $799 USD ($499 USD for the Certified Privacy Officer Foundation only courses)!

Have it your way with TOTAL flexibility- 90 days to complete, less than $1000 USD and study when you want online. Prepare for new career opportunities in data privacy and cybersecurity in 2022 and beyond, with self-study courses. Visit to see the full catalogue.

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Check out the latest news in our monthly newsletter! This one is particularly exciting as we find ourselves wrapping up the year with our very last taught Certified Privacy Officer courses; they will be offered in a self-study format from Dec 2021! Also, inside the newsletter, you get a first glance at what The TLC Group is preparing for our new ventures in the upcoming year. Have to read the newsletter to find out more!

Plus, we can’t contain our excitement to partner with Queens Honour recipient, Ms. Laurie Shiell to offer timely Sexual Harassment and anti-bullying in the workplace training; the first webinar will be taking place this week via Zoom. This webinar is particularly important as it fulfills the awareness training requirement mandated by Bermuda’s updated Employment Law. Details of new services, including sexual harassment policy review & updating & training tailored to the unique cultures of organisations, are on the horizon but take the first step by learning about the changes to employment law by registering for the webinar.

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The TLC Learning Community creates, promotes, influences and embraces a culture of lifelong learners through individual empowerment and organisational effectiveness.

We offer a wide range of engaging courses to support TLC’s commitment to global knowledge-sharing. Tailored training solutions are available for organisations of all sizes and industries.

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