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The TLC Learning Community creates, promotes, influences and embraces a culture of lifelong learners through individual empowerment and organisational effectiveness.

We offer a wide range of engaging courses to support TLC’s commitment to global knowledge-sharing. Tailored training solutions are available for organisations of all sizes and industries.

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If your data could talk, maybe it wouldn't sound this cheesy...but the sentiment would be the same! Protecting personal information isn't just best practice, its the law!

Many local and global communities & organisations are making vital changes to the way they collect and process personal information. Are you and your organisation staying informed of these new regulations and best practices?

The TLC Group is offering a number of courses to help inform individuals of the latest data privacy and security expectations and requirements. Whether you're an individual looking to learn about your rights, or whether you work for an organisation that's looking to make a change, check out our upcoming courses below!

Visit www.thetlcgroup.talentlms.com or email training@thetlcgroup.pro for more details

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