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With COVID demanding change to our lives, so many of us have been challenged with reinventing our norms. There’s comfort in the security of home, family, community and cultural connections that keep us grounded, confident and positive during difficult periods of time.

Our Spring publication is a celebration of global cultures, and we’ve specifically highlighted a number of interesting countries and communities to embrace differences and explore similarities that connect us as human beings.

Inside the magazine, we cover culture in the workplace, the influences of culture on art genres, culture & sustainability and so much more. Check out video of celebrations in Venezuela, Bermuda, and Nigeria. Read about the beautiful yet powerful Jamaican, Chinese and Indian cultures. Spend the day in Trinidad while learning how to speak & cook like a Bajan!

Immerse yourself in the full interactive experience by turning the pages using the arrows below. You can also zoom in and out to find your comfort while reading. Click the videos and adverts as you go through.

Download the magazine to read at a convenient time. We’ve had enough limitations due to the pandemic, so enjoy the experience your way and at your time.

Be inspired & empowered. Allow the stories to warm your heart, soul and passion to travel to new worlds as soon as your new norm allows time to start traveling again. Enjoy the trip in the Total Lifestyle Community “Culture” edition

Easily navigate the magazine by simply turning the pages to read the stories and zoom in with your fingers or the + icon at the bottom to personalise the view. Remember to click the play and pause buttons on video pages for an ideal experience, and manage the volume at the bottom of the videos. The three lines at the top left of the magazine page will allow you to choose articles to read or use the arrows in the publication to scroll to each page.

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