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A friend asked recently what I thought was the most valuable gift to the world. It was only a matter of seconds before I blurted out, PEOPLE! There are tons of things we are thankful for but if there were no humans on Earth, we wouldn’t exist to explore or enjoy any of it, would we? Our colours and shapes, personalities and talents are so diverse yet we can relate to a number of similarities just the same!

The Summer issue of Total Lifestyle Community magazine is designed to highlight what makes us amazing people. Click the pages for engaging content about what it means to be human and women that are paving pathways for future generations, passionate about human sustainability, putting an end to human trafficking, and the protection of human rights and dignity. Read about supermen that flash out powers in careers and roles that some may believe are reserved solely for females. Explore the interesting experience of having an identical twin, and read what our featured Unsung Hero has to say about the effects of COVID and lockdown on students, parents and teachers. Meet the designer that learned the art of crocheting only seven months before seeing her design worn by Rihanna on vogue.com. Plus, hear tips from fitness coaches that have created intelligent methods to not only manage healthy eating and fitness, but to create a holistic approach that encompasses food & weight management, spirituality, and positive thinking to combat weight loss struggles.

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