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It’s September 2021. Covid is still wreaking havoc on our lives, and technology is still our “best” friend. As we gear up for Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, the Total Lifestyle Community is tributing Technology - the constantly evolving mechanisms and automation that keep us aware, active, safe, entertained, connected, and ultimately, alive! Celebrate inspiring female engineers, actresses and scientists that helped to spark the world of tech inventions and paved the way for generations of women in tech. We explore technology in education, the history of gadgets, and pause for a well-deserved moment to recognise the ways that older folks have acclimated to changes in technology.

Of course, we also look to the future of technology, and the extraordinary ways that tech has created opportunities to enhance our lives through digital fashion and conception methods using advanced technology. Plus, read on to see how tech will keep us empowered beyond Covid’s new norm by positively impacting the way we live, learn, communicate and work in 2023 and in 2040!

As we close the gap on another year of growth across the tech industry, the team at The TLC Group would like to thank our readers for engaging with our publication. Our previous magazines have covered global HOLIDAYS, PEOPLE around the world, and the beauty of diverse CULTURES. The themes align with the core values that The TLC Group of Companies share: social and human sustainability, empowerment and diversity, inclusion and equality, and we proudly offered all issues for 100% free under our Helping Hands Project. We must now announce that the Winter issue: TALENT will be our final publication, and we hope that you’ve found our stories engaging, unique and uplifting through the challenges we’ve all experienced while creating our new norms.

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