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We are thrilled to introduce the Total Lifestyle Community magazine which explores all aspects of the fabric of society that holds our families, communities and the entire world together! This quarterly publication is designed to inspire, entertain & empower while celebrating global differences and embracing the wonderful things that we share in common.

Our holiday issue features amazing stories about people, global celebrations and memories.The magazine is interactive with video adverts and interviews, including advice for the men in our lives from cancer survivor Duane Richards, and a “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU” message of empowerment to females of all ages from Dr. Jana Outerbridge. Plus, don’t miss out on reading about Movember, views of spanking children from two different yet interesting perspectives, ways to celebrate holidays during COVID lockdown, and top-paying IT & cyber jobs of 2021.

The cookbook section is sure to tantalise your palette and add something special to your cooking experience as you explore global cuisine from the comfort of your home. We’ve also added 12 tips for safe holiday shopping, and highlighted some of the coolest gadgets for every member of the family.

Easily navigate the magazine by simply turning the pages to read the stories and zoom in with your fingers or the + icon at the bottom to personalise the view. Remember to click the play and pause buttons on video pages for an ideal experience, and manage the volume at the bottom of the videos. The three lines at the top left of the magazine page will allow you to choose articles to read or use the arrows in the publication to scroll to each page.

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Watch the full-length video interviews below with Dr Jana Outerbridge and Duane Richards! 

Dr. Outerbridge discusses ways to empower women and girls to cope with the 2020 rollercoaster ride of events, and enter 2021 with a positive mindset and spirit. 

Mr. Richards shares his journey with cancer and offers great advice for men and families to manage health concerns and cope with illness. 

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