Editor’s Remarks

Boom! Bam! Kapow! Take that, 2021, for all the pandemic madness.

Please let The TLC Group of Companies be the first to CONGRATULATE our readers of the Total Lifestyle Community magazine on getting through another challenging year of new norms. All over the world, people have been working hard to protect and care for themselves and others, and families and friends have come together to support loved ones. We’ve lost so many people and will keep them close as we recall in years to come, how we survived the global pandemic.

Yes, the end of another year is here, and the Total Lifestyle Community Magazine is proud to present our final publication designed to celebrate diversity, embrace equality, and cherish inclusion! December is a time to celebrate many talents, starting with the ultimate talent of God’s gift of life that we may take for granted at times. We’ve featured heartwarming and inspirational stories about people that have used their talents to overcome life-changing circumstances. We are thrilled to follow a multi-talented young lady that has lots to share after a near-death experience, and meet another multipotentialite and amazing songwriter that overcame a drug addiction.

What’s a multipotentialite? Glad you asked? The CEOs of The TLC Group talk about what it means to them to be multipotentialites, and take our fun quiz to see if you may be one too!

Talent is the theme for this issue, and we’ve included a wonderful array of stories to uplift and empower people of all ages!

Read an exclusive interview with Bermudian trailblazer, entrepreneur, and acclaimed dancer, Suzette Harvey, as she talks about what it truly means to be a Creative with purpose and how we can support next generation talents.

We celebrate talented writers, models, beauty queens, and more inside with lot’s to see, hear and watch in our interactive magazine, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the past publications.

Special thanks to our advertisers for supporting the Total Lifestyle Community magazines.

With thanks,
Cha’Von K Joell, Editor


Watch the video below from our CEOs, Cha'Von Joell and Taheera Lovell, as they share their thoughts about being multipotentialites.

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